Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stain Porch--check

We've never owned a house before that had any kind of porch/deck that needed to be maintained. This was my first time to do anything like this. Here's the before--ground in dirt, sun damaged, old stain unattractiveness:
I must say, I'm a bit addicted to the power washer. This baby can really clean!!! Now everytime I see something that's the least bit dirty, all I want to do is get out the power washer.
Here's the closeup. See the difference? Then I stained it with Floods--lots of good reviews out there for this product. Now for the closeup taken from the same spot as the first picture:
And finally, the money shot:
I know there are people who do this all the time and think nothing of it, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Happy porchie to me!


julia said...

That looks really nice!
Julia in OKC

Tine said...

It really is a big difference! Good job :-)

Angelika said...

Being a homeowner seems like quite some work but also loads of fun. I still have that ahead of me. I love your porch.

Rachel said...

Great work! Looks good--enjoy the warm days on that porch! Finally, the NW has summer weather!

shisomama said...

boy, you have been motivated and getting lots of home improvement projects done. i'm impressed!

Christine said...

Your porch looks wonderful! I have no idea what a power washer is but I think I want one now.

Sarah said...

Wow, it looks fantastic!! Great job!

The Hamblins said...

Porch looks awesome! We recently sold our house and my dad used it on the outside siding. You should check out what it does to concrete! He wrote my name in the dirt embedded in my concrete.

Thanks for the wall color!

Chara Michele said...

Your porch looks lovely! Is that a little table set in the last photo? It looks like a nice place to spend a summer evening.

Heather said...

Ok, this is freaking me out a little, we are too similar! I just got a power washer and have also been obsessed with power washing everything. And my deck is nasty and has never been stained and I also want to clean/stain it. I wasn't sure the power washer could handle it and was looking at those chemical cleaners but they are way too scary, you need gloves, breathing masks, and they tell you to cover everything! No thanks! Did you use any special cleaner along with the power washer?

Anonymous said...

wow what a porch. we dont have them in the uk like that, wish we did.
I came across your blog from another, hope you didnt mind me blogging in with you. feel free to peep at mine.

Anonymous said...

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