Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Lazy Butt Cookin'

I'm a bit overdue for another lazy butt food post. Truth be told, I could probably take a picture of every dinner this past week and it would qualify. Here a few that I've posted to the flickr group, but I thought I'd post them here as well. Afterall, doesn't everyone want to be inflicted with pictures of my cooking?
This is fancy rice. Not technically fried rice, because the rice doesn't get fried. Here's the recipe:

Scramble an egg, add frozen veggies and ham. Throw it in a rice cooker full of steamed rice and stir it all around. If it needs flavoring, add a dash or two of Maggi. This is Maggi, in case you were wondering:********

Here's my parmesan chicken--Chicken nuggets, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese on a bed of noodles.
The beauty of this meal is that kids who don't like their food items touching each other can have everything served separately on plates with little dividers. By the way, aren't those yellow carrots the cutest?


This one is Thai Green Curry--Sautee chicken, onion and celery. Pour in a jar of Trader Joe's Thai Green Curry sauce and simmer. Serve over brown rice. Throw in some cherry tomatoes from the garden for color (and nutrition, even though the kids won't touch them. When will this phase end? Come to think of it, they don't touch the curry either! I could do a series of blog posts called "What WE ate, what THEY ate" or "What WE ate, what THEY didn't eat.")

And lately, when I don't have a decent side of veggies to serve, I send the boys out to the garden to pick some of these yellow cucumbers. They're yummy! EVERYONE eats these.

What lazy-butt meals are in YOUR repertoire?


Oiyi said...

Everything taste better with some Maggi Sauce.

autum said...

I'm loving the sharing of the lazy butt meals, because I'm definitely a lazy butt cook!
The phase may not end anytime soon. I have a 17 year old still in it.

Ali said...

I think you disqualify yourself from true lazy butt cooking by having carrots that come in two colours and the cutest cucumbers I have ever seen!

keri said...

Hmm I've never heard of Maggi sauce, I'll have to try that!

Hanane said...

Maggi sauce never heard of it. And I LOVE THE IDEA OF the chicken nugget parmesan. I think I am going to make this tonight. The kids. who are teenagers will love this idea.


Michele said...

Heh. Nearly all of my dinner blog posts are "what we ate" and "what the kids ate." Quesadillas, pizza, and lasagna are the sure-fire everybody eats it meals at our house. Quesadillas certainly qualify as a lazy butt meal!

Is there MSG in the Maggi Sauce? It gives me a raging headache, so I try to be vigilant - sometimes hard to do when I'm picking up interesting-looking bottles of sauce at the Asian supermarket.

June said...

Once in a while when neither of us feels like making a big to-do about cooking but we really aren't interested in pizza delivery, we have breakfast for supper. Simple scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon. Naturally our arteries hate our guts on those nights but ... we're happy.

JoAnna said...

Love this post! My lazy butt meal is rice with sauteed onions, garlic and black beans. Then I mix in whatever shredded cheese we have, and any leftover veggie. Throw some hot sauce on top and YUM!

Erin said...

Love the rice cooker and maggi sauce meal. My hubby is addicted to Maggi sauce! As I said the before the easiest Lazy butt meal is called TAKE OUT!!!! Have a great weekend.

Tsoniki said...

I love fried rice - but if I don't have a rice cooker, how can I make the fancy rice? Haha, I can barely make rice to begin with so maybe I should figure that out first.

joyce said...

I love food now but when I was a kid all I would eat was rice and maggi =) I was a picky kid ( I guess that's where my son gets it from)

Hanane said...

My number one Lazy butt meal

Is now officially Parmesan chicken nuggets. They were a hit.

She sure is strange! said...

We had the ultimate lazy butt dessert last week at my parents' place in the mountains of North Carolina.

It was supposed to be S'mores complete with Hershey bars, graham crackers and marshmallows.

It went more like this: eat the chocolate while the marshmallows are roasting(flaming more likely), toss the graham crackers all over the place(to attract bears and other vermin), get hot marshmallow goo in freshly washed hair, drop goops of it everywhere for the dog to clean up. Such simplicity is hard to beat!!

Molly, we are home now thank God

Alicia A. said...

I do the same thing with bottled Tikka Masala sauce from Target. Simmer with chicken, serve over rice- voila. Yummy. But no, the kids won't touch it!

I'll have to find me some Maggi too!

jenni said...

I recently discovered the slow cooker, but only have a handful of recipes. Been surfing the web for more.

And I could go on and on about picky 4-year-old-boy-eater.

Lazy Butt Cookin has to be quesadillas (any cheese shredded works for me), salad (greens, veggies, leftover chicken or open a can of beans for protein), scrambled eggs, sandwiches, or spaghetti (which is our fallback meal when no one want to cook and we're done with take out).

But the Laziest Butt Cooking is just going out to a restaurant. :D

weirdbunny said...

I've never seen cucumbers like that !!! They are adorable ... even I'd eat them and I don't like cucumbers !!! ~ love Julia x

Katherine said...

I love these lazy butt cookin posts! :) In my world, anything with cream of _______ soup qualifies as lazy butt cookin. Sometimes they take a while to cook, but the prep time is next to nothing! I'm learning to modify those recipes and use them in the crock pot - so they're even lazier. My favorite -- boneless chicken breasts (or tenders, or whatever is cheap & boneless) sprinkled with paprika. Mix cream of mushroom soup with milk and pour over the top and cook 6-8 hours. The non crock-pot version is the same just put in a pyrex dish and cook at 350 for 45-60 min. Serve with rice and veggies, and you've got a pretty impressive looking dinner! :)

happy zombie said...

If you cut me, I will bleed Maggi. When we were little my mom would make scrambled eggs with leftover noodles, and butter and Maggi. It was the best ever. And even though I make it too, it never tastes as good as mom's.

I was so tickled to see a post that had my beloved Maggi in it!

Shannon said...

I love the chicken parm recipe:) Going to try that one soon. Thanks!

Kate said...

xWhat I had for lunch today - cook pasta, stir through some tuna in oil (chilli oil if you're really fancy) and some chopped tomatoes. Voila!

Sometimes I fancify it with onion or other vegetables, but then it's not truly lazy-butt. This is my standard 'I forgot to think of what to have for lunch and now I have to make lunch during breakfast' meal. It's often yummier and more satisfying thn a 'proper' meal.

Another standard is: Any sort of meat, either in steak or diced form. Fry it. Chuck some crushed garlic into to the pan, cook it a bit. Open and rinse a can or two of either butter or canelloni beans. Chuck them in the pan. Add either a punnet of cherry tomatoes or a couple chopped regular sized ones. Cook for a few minutes until tomatoes are sweet, but don't let the beans start disintegrating. Add rocket or spinach if you're feeling fancy. Chopped capers also work. Or you can make a salsa verde (chopped capers, parseley and mint, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice) to serve on top of everthing.

Anonymous said...

My neighbour grew lemon cucumbers when I was little and they are soooo goood! I'm hoping I'll finally have success trying to grow them next year.

Anonymous said...

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