Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!

Don't really have time to write much. Just wanted to wish my hubby a happy birthday! Wasn't he cute? (He still is--hee hee!) We are taking a long weekend to celebrate. Heading up north to do some yurting. Yay for family time!


autum said...

What beautiful blue eyes he has! Have a wonderful weekend.

capello said...

Oh, he's so cute?

What's yurting?

the painted pear said...

oh oh let me answer...yurting is when you hike out to a large cabin, that has a fire pit, and rest.
Am I right?
We/my parents have a second home in the White Mt. of New Hampshire. The Mount Washington Area. There is a yurt(I think) that alot of people use when cross country skiing.

Any way, I just really wanted to ask? "do you swim in the blue of his eyes?"
Okay, I am very, very corny!!!

kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, hubby!
Have a great weekend!

megan said...

It's like my mother always says: Get them when they're young, raise them the way you want them! Haha!