Friday, April 21, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures

Wow. Just got tagged by Autum to come up with 10 simple pleasures. I woke up this morning really feeling like this was not my day. My hubby's going on a business trip again, and I am dreading being alone. Then there's just some general grumpiness going on because I'm huge and not sleeping well and I have pain in my legs (veins) and lower back and am feeling overwhelmed and sorry for myself. So yeah, not feeling a ton of gratitude or thinking about much of anything pleasurable. Maybe this little exercise will get me out of my rut! Here goes...


1. Seeing my son do so well in his spring program at preschool. Last year he was so clueless, he stayed standing when everyone else sat down, and stayed sitting when everyone else stood up. There was no singing going on...he was just kind of oblivious. Dave and I sat there cringing in the audience wondering where we went wrong as parents. Today, he actually SANG and, get this, DID MOTIONS!!! Yeah! I'm so proud of him! :)

2. Snuggling with my boys in bed in the morning. They love it so much that if they sleep in and find me downstairs already when they wake up, they sometimes cry.

3. Starbucks decaf caramel macchiato.

4. Dharma Bums--Served in a tall glass, this is an Earl Grey teabag steeped in hot milk with a shot of almond syrup with whipped cream on top. Yum! This was a favorite grad school treat of mine when I used to go to the Cava Java next to my library school. Sometimes I make this for myself when I want to remember the good old days.

5. A clean house. This doesn't happen very often.

6. The Nordstrom shoe sale.

7. Watching Dave wrestle/play ball/hang out/be goofy with the boys. They love and enjoy each other so much sometimes it's fun to just sit back and watch it happen.

8. Sitting in the sunshine and daydreaming about all the stuff I'm going to do in the garden when I don't have a belly in the way.

9. The little squirmy, stretchy boy inside me who in 8 weeks will join our family. I know he can't wait to see his brothers. He's definitely more active when Davey and Keith are running and shrieking around the house.

10. Designated no TV nights when Dave and I hang out on the couch and read.

Thanks Autum! I feel much better already ;)


the painted pear said...

Glad you feel better! And Dharma Bums sound yummy! Actually, it sounds a little weird, but the description sounds yummy!

Cheer up...I know the business trips are hard, but isn't it a great exuse to sleep with the kids!! And snuggling is my favorite too, and my kids cry too sometimes...or they just know I am at the gym!

autum said...

I hope your husband doesn't have to be away long. I enjoyed reading your 10. Tomorrow's Saturday, snuggle a few extra minutes.

Dawn said...

Sweet....loved reading your ten.

Belinda said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and posting your tissue cozie tutorial. It was really easy to follow, I enjoyed making it. Thanks again.

Amy said...

Yes - also experiencing business trip single motherhood here. It does throw things off balance, doesn't it... Hang in.