Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cherish the Love

(click the blocks for a closer view)

I don't know what was going on with me Thursday night when I was quilting. I was feeling extraordinarily happy. I don't have a radio or TV in the dining room where my machine is set up, so usually I'm in there humming away to some song going through my head...sometimes it's a hymn or praise song from church, other nights it's just some random ditty, Thursday night it was Kool & The Gang. Yeah baby!

We should cherish the life we live - baby yeah -
Cherish the love
cherish the life - oh yeah -
cherish the love.

And can I say, I was really feeling it! A whole week without my husband, and he was finally coming back to me! Lots of supportive emails and phone calls from friends checking in on me. And another big reason--the block swap.

It's really sort of amazing that I'm making quilt blocks that will end up in 10 different places in this country, with 10 different people that I don't even know. And here we are, all in the privacy of our own homes, working on our own to create something together. And the fabrics. What is it about all that pretty Kona cotton--uncut and so full of potential? These are colors that I probably never would have chosen on my own, but they coordinate and contrast beautifully. I feel like I'm being stretched creatively and I love it! There is such joy and adventure in not using a pattern. I have a general idea in my head of what I'm going for, but ultimately when the quilt block is finished, it surprises me.

I've also been reading some blogs of others who are involved in the blockswap, and I think it's so interesting how we all are trying to really do our best work to please each other. Sewing, cutting, ironing and all the while thinking, "Wow, I hope this is good enough. I hope that whoever gets it will really like it." Cherish the love, baby.


rebecca said...

looks like your fabric finally made it to you. phew! your blocks are lovely. i'd be so happy if one them ends up coming to live with me!

Sarah said...

Wow, Jo they're stunning! Well done.

jess said...

lovely post and beautiful blocks! there is a lot of euphoric quilting going on out there and i'm beyond excited about it.

the painted pear said...

I wish I had joined this block swap! Just like you, I think it is amazing to know your work is going all over the world.

Your blocks are beautiful and unique. The colors you chose are timeless. And how neat that all the patterns are different!

I feel your excitement about the arrival of your husband! Just saying goodbye to mine yesterday, I was thinking of you, and all the late nights I will have to endure this week!
Enjoy his homecoming!

kimberly said...

What fun blocks!

Mumzie said...

Hi! I like those blocks--especially that middle one! Good job!