Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fridge Magnets

I looooove Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, MI. They have the most scrumptious bread ever. When hubby and I were grad students there we'd try to get their bread at least a couple of times of month. What a treat. And restaurants all over town served their bread too. One of our favorites, The Grizzly Peak, had Zingerman's brewhouse bread that was just the thing to go with their cheddar and ale soup. UMMM! Now that we live in far away Washington, I just have to settle for drooling over (and getting all nostalgic about) their catalog.

And who is their graphic artist anyway? So gifted! Look at this stuff! Have you ever seen such cute little loaves of bread?
And aside from bread, they sell cheese, wine, olive oil, varietal honey, name it. But the thing I like the most about the pictures is that they are all outlined in black. And the ones in the forefront, if cut out carefully, can be used as stand-alone fridge magnets! I made a bunch of these last year and gave them away. This was before I was blogging. Before I thought to take pictures of them. Here are a couple that I kept for myself.

Time to locate the mod-podge because I'm feeling the urge to make more.


beki said...

Fridge magnets are something I've been meaning to try. I'm getting quite tired of using the letters from Leap Frog Fridge Phonics set!

Your's look great ;)

autum said...

Now you have me drooling too and craving cheddar and ale soup. Even though I have never had any you make it sound so good! Those fridge magnets are a great idea!
By the way, I meant to comment on your last post, I'd love to see a picture of the quilting machine you were talking about. I've never seen one. (Unless you count my 3 aunts when they get together to quilt- their hands move like a machine, don't know how they do it)

Stacey said...

I love that catalog! Funny, the graphics is the first thing I noticed before I read your whole post. I love the cover and the bread! What a wonderful idea to make refridge magnets out of the pics. Fun!

kimberly said...

Great idea!! Those pictures are so cool.

candyfortheteacher said...

That is so cool!! How do you get one of those menus? I would love to have some for decopage projects.

sUsAn said...

Those magnets are brilliant! Found your blog today via 3Peas and have enjoyed combing through your archives.