Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Yummy Fabric

I was over at 3peas the other day, and she was lamenting how large her fabric stash has become. All I could think was, how lucky! Look at all that gorgeous fabric and how nicely it's rolled up and organized. Anyway, it got me thinking how I'm always waiting too long to buy fabric I like...waiting until I finish a project that's already underway. Waiting until I know exactly what it is I want to make with it. Often I've waited so long that the fabric I want is no longer available. Grrrrr. Then I just get all irritated with myself. So, I've made a decision. No more waiting. When it comes to fabric, I'm sort of indecisive. I often have to talk myself into buying it. I seldom see fabric that makes me excited. So I've decided when I see it, I should just get it.

So here's what's come in the mail in the last few days:

I don't have anything specific in mind for it yet, but I have 2 yards of it, and by golly, I'm gonna do something fun with this fabulous funky fabric. And the best part? After I purchased it, it was immediately gone from the website. Could it be that I got the last 2 yards? Yippeee!

And here's the fabric for the quilt that I'll be making for my new nephew:


rebecca said...

I have some of all three of these fabrics (surprise, surprise right??). Good for you for buying what you like AND buying a good amount of it!

kimberly said...

I buy like that all the time and have a huge stash to prove. My problem is I don't like to use it because it's then gone. ugh I can't win. I love that monkey and banana fabric!!!

beki said...

This coming from a fabric junkie, you go girl! I've learned from working in a fabric store that if you don't get it when you see it, it may not be there when you go back. Those are such great fabrics!

autum said...

I love all of your fabric choices. I can't wait to see the monkey and banana quilt! Will you clean out my junk drawer?

Stich-n-knit said...

I love the fabric, I've admired the number one on other sites, you lucky girl. I'm the same as you, I never think to buy fabric unless I have something in mind!

Stephen said...

Jojo (on Seattle's East side),

Thanks for the tip on
I checked it out and bookmarked it and printed out their .pdf file of a sample. It would certainly be worth a try to see what the end product would look like. I'm going to share all of the above with Meegan Blue.

Thanks again,
Meegan's father, Stephen

megan said...

LOVE the fabrics! And that's the thing about having some fabric on hand-- it inspires you to do that creative-dreaming thing, that's so fun when that happens!