Friday, January 13, 2006

Corners of My Home (2)

I read in a magazine somewhere (Real Simple???--I can't remember), that in every room in your house there is the potential for a desk. I always wanted a kitchen with a built-in desk. The thought of having "office central" right at my fingertips--a place to pay the bills, set the mail, stay organized--always seemed so fleeting. For years it was the kitchen peninsula. It sort of worked, but was more of a place for clutter to gather. Then, if anyone came over, I'd shove all the papers into a box and whisk it away into the laundry room. Yeah, great organization. Anyway, here is my desk. It is right off my kitchen in the breakfast nook. This desk is actually a vanity. We bought it at an antique store and it came with a 3 paneled mirror (which we didn't have a place for once we moved to this house). But I love the fact that it serves a utilitarian purpose and still adds some grace to our home. And by the way, I don't have a chair for it. I usually just pull one up from the kitchen table.

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Meegan Blue said...

I love that's so beautiful and elegant. And I've coveted that style of lamp for so long now. It's lovely!

beki said...

Beautiful table! I desperately need somewhere to take care of household business, but haven't found the spot yet.