Monday, January 16, 2006

Challenge of the Week

I feel like most days I just am able to keep my head above water where the housework is concerned. Yes, I make breakfast, lunch, dinner, keep the floors swept and the laundry done. Bathrooms look fine most of the time. So on the surface it looks like I have it all under control. But open a closet or drawer and then you'll know what a fraud I am.

So I have decided to challenge myself. Once a week I'm going to tackle something that needs attention. (Once a week is actually rather paltry, since I have soooo much that needs to be done, but oh well. Something is better than nothing.) Here it is: my (now straightened-out, but for how long?) tableware drawer.

Ahhhh. Much better.

Next week: my junk drawer EEEK!
p.s. anyone care to join me?


kimberly said...

Oh no, I guess I'm a fraud too! Don't come around and open any of my drawers! ;)
I'd love to join you but I think posting pictures of this kind of thing is exposing a bit too much skin for my taste and I don't want to offend anyone with my nakedness. I can't afford to lose the few friends I have.;)
Of course, I love your pictures-it makes me feel like home. :)

beki said...

I need to join you - please don't peek into any drawers or cabinets at my house! I'm not sure I'm ready to take on that challenge, LOL ;)

Stich-n-knit said...

Hey, we're doing the same thing here! Must be the time of year. I tackled the linen cupboard this weekend which has been on my 'to-do list' for about a year. I really need to do my kitchen 'junk' drawers next!

Cindy N. said...

Hello, I found you through artsycrafty.... I like your idea because I have some really scary junky places in my house. I am talking entire ROOMS! not just drawers. Maybe I will try to start tackling one a month. That would help. I am just overwhelmed. I need to be on the Clean Sweep show!

autum said...

OK the before picture I could have sworn was my silverware drawer! I thought to myself... how did this lady get a picture of my silverware drawer? Now I am sad because mine still looks like the first picture and the second one is so pretty! I won't be taking any pictures of my messy closets and drawers. I am like Kimberly, way to much exposure. But you may be an inspiration to me to clean them up.