Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Challenge of the Week (2)

Welcome to my junk drawer. This has always been a sore spot with me. Everything that doesn't have a home or whatever we are just too lazy to put away or throw away ends up here. You could play "I Spy" here. I spy a red toothbrush! I spy a coupon that expired in 2004! I spy an old Christmas ornament with a green sticker on it, huh???

Not too long ago, when a friend of mine was over to visit, I caught her rummaging through my junk drawer. I was absolutely mortified!!!! If she was mortified too she hid it quite well. Turns out she was just looking for scotch tape. Well, I spy tape, but not the kind she was looking for.
Here's what 20 minutes and a circular file can accomplish. Aaaaah. I really should do this more often. It feels sooooo good!

Next week: the linen closet. Yeesh!


kimberly said...

Oh doesn't everyone need a junk drawer? We recently cleaned up ours but I'm afraid it's growing again.

Stich-n-knit said...

You've got me going on this one too. Wait till you see my drawers!! I think we should check your drawer in a month's time to see if it's still that tidy!!

megan said...

Heehee, funny post!

Misc. Muse said...

hmmm I don't care for people going through my junk drawers- I have two- one has magazines, recipe clippings- other---well---junk. I think everyone has one of these drawers. I brought a skinny plastic drawer set put it in my kitchen under phone- needs sort now and then but I put pens one drawer, tape all kinds in next, last largest drawer holds glue guns, glue sticks, hot gun, etc. I labeled each drawer scissors are in basket hanging by phone- I have collection because when my 3 kids were home they were forever taking my scissors- paper ones- my sewing ones are kept hidden.