Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Scarf in Progress

Here's the scarf I've been working on for a while. It's My So Called Scarf from Sheep in the City. The texture is just beautiful and the picture here doesn't do it justice. I'm using yarn from Handpainted Yarn. The yarn is great, and there are some color variations in it, but maybe next time I'll choose something with even more variations in it so that it will show off othe pattern a little better. One thing I've found is this pattern is NO GOOD if you are mistake-prone, because you need an IQ of at least 150 to frog it!!! Ask me how I know this! I had to throw out a good 5 inches of work because I messed up. Bah! Despite that, and the fact that it's a litte slow-going, I'm still having fun with it.p.s. Don't mind the terrible picture. We are having a very overcast rainy day in Seattle this morning. So far, not a whole lot of natural light pouring into the house. Hee hee. Who am I kidding? Even on the nicest days, my pictures aren't that great.

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