Monday, December 05, 2005

Le Sac du marché français

As promised, here is my completed French Market Bag. I'm happy with it, although I sure wish it weren't so flopsy. Maybe if I line it with fabric, it will hold up a little better. Dave thinks I should starch it, heh heh.Oh my, what is that inside my Le Sac du marché français? Something I picked up at the Marché français? Non ce n'est pas. It's a present I gifted to myself from l' Why, it's Denyse Schmidt's quilt book. Fabuleux! I'm a little bummed that I have to go on vacation and don't have time to do any crafting out of the book, but there are some pretty snazzy Christmas gift making ideas in there that I'm excited about.

*Are you impressed by my french, by the way? Love love love Makey me look so smartey.

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