Monday, December 05, 2005

Lace Purse

Remember I told you a while back that I was helping a friend clean out the storage room at church? Let me tell you, someone had a hard time letting go of their (or their grandma's??) craft stuff and was using the church basement as a personal storage facility. There were boxes and boxes of old lace, most of which dated back to the 50's and looked as if it had never been used. Anyway, alot of it ended up at Goodwill, but I snagged some of it thinking I would embellish a girly quilt, or something--instead it turned into this cute little purse. I love the little rosette, which is just lace wrapped in a circle around a pink ribbon center and attached to miniature lace doily. If you look closely, you can see that I knit a tiny string of pearls into it. So dainty! Too bad I'm kind of a tomboy, but I think I could find a use for it someday.

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