Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In the Pipeline

Just a quick list of projects that inspire me.Puppet theater. Go to the Aug. 30th posting. How cool is that?Amanda at Soulemama did some projects out of the Denyse Schmidt book. Check out her Aug. 5th oven mitts and Aug 12th Steve postings. Fun fun. I esp. love the little embroidered belly patch.I ordered some embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching--the I luv veggies. They look so domestic and kitcheny. If I like embroidery, I might end up ordering the craftopia ones too.Also, from http://www.etches-johnson.com/, the little card holders in the Aug. 17 listing. V. cute. Goodness knows I have lots of little fabric pieces that I need to use up.One more thing--I'm thinking it would be fun to make a knitting needle holder to keep all my knitting needles organized.So, what's next for you?????

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