Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fun Fur!

Yesterday we got a care package in the mail from Oma (Dave's mom). The boys absolutely flipped out over these gummy candies inside that were shaped like bugs, slugs, roaches--complete with juicy bug guts that you could see from the outside. So they'd bite them in half and then squish out all the red "guts," pretend to get all grossed out and squeal while running around the house. So hilarious. I'm going to have to locate some more for the next party we have around here.She also sent me some fun fur. Isn't it cute? This is my first gift of yarn ever. I've never had someone go out and buy yarn especially for me, so this was quite a treat. When I shop for yarn, I usually end up with something "practical," so this should be fun, trying something new. According to the packaging, one ball and size 11 needles can make me a scarfie. Hopefully I'll be able to whip something up quick so I'll have something to show you in a couple of days. Oma is the one who taught me to knit when they came out to visit last Thanksgiving. I don't know how she put up with me...she was so matter-of-fact, and I was giggling the whole time because my hands didn't want to cooperate and felt like such a blooming idiot. She'd say, "you go like this." And then I'd try it and end up doing the total opposite. And then she'd have to try to undo my mistake. Now that I know how to knit, I don't think I ever want to teach anyone. I'd probably end up frustrated and yell at them or something. Thank you OMA!!!!!

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