Monday, December 05, 2005

French Market Bag

Yay! I finally finished knitting up my French Market Bag from knitty. I'm so excited. So, the next step is to felt it, which means throwing it in the washing machine with a pair of jeans and letting all the mistakes shrink away. Awesome, dude. I can't wait to see what it looks like. Seems like I've been working on this bag for months, and I'm trying really hard to get some projects finished up so I can start buying some more yarn to make Christmas presents. Hubby says I'm allowed to buy all the yarn I want, I'm just not allowed to have a stash. Smart man. He knows I'm a hoarder.We spent the morning in the emergency room with little D-man. He was having trouble breathing and we thought he might have pneumonia again, but turns out he's has a bad case of bronchitis. He took 2 long naps today. Both times he woke up and said "I'm feeling much better!" and put his brave/happy face on, but he still has a temp and is still coughing a lot. He's nowhere close to being healthy. He tries so hard. All he ate today was a chocolate chip cookie and 2 bites of scrambled egg. I hope he gets better soon. Poor kid.More later--I'll post an "after" picture of my bag when it's ready. --

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