Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fashionista Bag

Haven't been blogging lately at the same breakneck speed, but I think that's been good for me. I have found myself being a little too obsessed with this blogging thing--both updating as well as checking others' blogs overly much during the day. Also, I have decided that although it's fun to create things by hand, there comes a point where I don't actually want to have too many handmade things all over my house--some of which were fun to make, but that I will never use! Not to mention how difficult it is to part with things that took hours to make. Will I ever toss a scarf that I slaved over for hours on end? I think not. Get this, I was thrifting at Goodwill the other day and could not believe how many pieces of crap craft were for sale. i.e. macrame plant hangers, purses, crookedly pieced quilts, embroidered dish towels, faux fur bedding, you name it, it's all there. Fast forward a few years from that where my Amy Butler nappy bag is going to be? The reject corner of Goodwill? So sad. Having said that, here is another contribution to the future of Goodwill, but this one, hopefully I WILL use in the meantime.

It's a handbag made from one placemat and one napkin from one of my favorite stores (Crate and Barrel). Love the fabric and now I'm wishing I had bought some more of these to make Christmas presents. Maybe I'll have to drag the kids back to the mall....smirk.By the way, thanks for the placemat purse tutorial, Kimberly! I kind of went off on my own here, because I'm afraid of zippers. Maybe someday I'll get over my phobia. I think I need my mom to come visit me and teach me the fine art of zipperage.

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Jess said...

this is the custest bag I have ever seen, I saw you over on Heathers blog and thought I would check you out...very cute!