Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Egg Cozies

Little Davey took the picture for me--hence the funny angle. These are egg cozies that I made using the pattern from Weekend Knitting--love that book! These look like little Barbie doll sweaters, although I doubt any Barbie could get her head through that little neck hole! One of my friends told me I should try selling them to a bed and breakfast...which of course I would never do, since it would be totally ILLEGAL, but also because at the rate I knit, let's see...do you think anyone would pay $10 for a Barbie sweater, and if so...that would be equal to about, um, $1.50/hour of my time, not including materials. Yeah. I hear you. Don't quit your day job. Hmmm. Too bad my day job isn't making me any money!!!!

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