Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crochet Hook Case

I had a little fabric leftover from my recent knitting case project, so I decided that my crochet hooks (all 3 of them) could use a little love too. I use crochet hooks for hiding loose ends when my knitting is done, and it seems that whenever I get to the end of my project I have no clue where I put that darn crochet hook and have to tear apart the craft room to find one. So, maybe this little crochet hook bag will save me from making yet another trip to the store. This one fits right into one of the pockets of the knitting case. Yippee.

Speaking of yippee (or, "wippee," as little Keith says)...I've become a regular at my gym. I've gone 3 days a week for one month and am finally starting to feel like the "old me" from about ten years ago. I used to run regularly, and then when I started grad school I got too busy to exercise. Lame, huh? Then I started working and was too busy (and too cold--we were in MI, afterall), and then I had kids and was too tired. So many excuses...all of them dumb. So now, I've decided to fight to keep this body in good shape. I've neglected it too long, and I don't want to be a bad, saggy, lazy example for my kids. So, here I am... running 2 miles a day and lifting weights, and feeling good about myself again. I've joined Kimberly's get-fit group, so I will try to post regular updates...

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