Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Camou Bag

Davey's starting up preschool soon. They have banned backpacks at his preschool as being not developmentally appropriate. Apparently the teacher doesn't want to deal with umpteen zippers. Guess I can't blame her. Visited my local craft stores to find a tote bag to personalize/embellish and all I can find are either off-white canvas (boring) or denim (ok, but still boring). Hard to find boyish looking stuff out there. Anyway, I ended up buying half a yard of camouflage fabric from the home decorating section, and looky what I made with it. I think it's still not done. Needs a pocket in the front. Maybe in tan? I've got to find a military looking font so that I can iron-on his name on the pocket. Dave thinks I should mail order dog tags too. Hope his teacher doesn't get the wrong impression of my usually mild-mannered, absolutely non-militant boy. Back in the day when I was teaching in school there was a kid --a first grader-- wearing a t-shirt riddled with fake bullet holes and blood. Nice, huh? Gotta seriously wonder about his parents. I guess a camouflage tote is pretty tame compared to that.

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