Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The 2 Daves

When we told Davey about hurricane Katrina and how many people lost their homes and belongings in the floods, he wanted to know whether kids' toys were washed away too. He got quiet when he heard the answer, and then immediately decided we should go to the Redmond Town Center toy store to buy them some more. It does my heart good to see our 4 year old thinking about the feelings and needs of others. He picked out 2 cars--a small rubber car (huggy buggy) and a big metal one with doors that open and close. I'm sure he would have loved to keep them both, under any other circumstances, but today he was very focused on making the recipient happy. I wrapped it and he decorated it in "cursive."Here's what it "says":"Do crash the huggy buggy, but not the big car, because I know the huggy buggy is hard to break. Play everywhere that your mom says yes. I really know that you needed some toys so we bought some toys for you. Love, Davey. p.s. I know that you really love your new toys."Funny, sweet boy.

I'll leave you with a picture of my hubby's craft -- I awoke on Saturday morning to the smell of this crusty goodness. mmmmm....heavenly.

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